Massive Rockerz Entertainment Studios i a renowned Recording Studio that offers various services such as Music Publishing, Film Production & Distribution. Unfortunately, Due to a Lack of Maintenance and Business Loss, The Company has made the difficult decision to Temporarily Shut down its Operations.

The Divisions of the Massive Rockerz Company including Massive Rockerz Entertainment Records, Massive Rockerz Entertainment Music Publishing, Suda Suda Samosa, Filming are not currently active as Online Services.

However, the Massive Rockstar's Music Group and Karaikal Specials is a YouTube Channel, in the Division of Massive Rockerz Entertainment may still be Active Partially. While the Temporary Shutdown is disappointing news for fans of the Company. it is hoped that with time, Massive Rockerz Entertainment Studios will be to reopen and continue offering its services as soon as possible.

Massive Rockerz Entertainment is operated by the Members which are located in Vandikara Street Karaikal, Puducherry, India - 609 602.

It was started on 2014 formed by the Members of the Massive Rockerz Entertainment. 

M. S. Anosh is the owner and founder of Massive Rockerz Entertainment Brand. This was the Legal Name of "Massive Rockerz Entertainment" Brand which includes Recording Studios, Music Label, Production & Distributor Company.  P. Agilan is taken responsible as a "Manager of the Massive Rockerz Entertainment Brand." The Logo assets linked with Official Brand Trademark. 

It's the place of Recording Soundtracks, Music Production & Film Making of the Massive Rockerz Members Officials Only and which are mainly in Vocals Recording, Dubbing Advertisements, Mixing & Mastering the Sounds ( for the Customers. It was first situated in Polican Street Madhagady Karaikal, Puducherry 609-602 India. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is Massive Rockerz Entertainment Located?
Mainly, Massive Rockerz Entertainment Studios was located at Akkarai Vattam, Neravy Karaikal District. After Sometimes, Changed to Vandikara Street Karaikal District on February 2021, for a limited period of time.

Who is Massive Rockerz?
Massive Rockerz is also known as Massive Rockerz Entertainment, is a Organization formed by Members, which are located in Akkarai Vattam, Neravy, Karaikal District. It was started on 2014.

What is the meaning of Massive Rockerz?
The meaning of Massive is "Huge" And, Rockerz means "Rocking" is filled by Entertainment.

Who named Massive Rockerz?
At 2014, Hussain Shadhali named Massive Rockerz Entertainment.

Who was founded Massive Rockerz Entertainment?
M. S. Anosh is a founder and owned Massive Rockerz Entertainment Brand.

How do I contact Massive Rockerz Entertainment?
Contact: +919698325153.

What does Massive Rockerz Entertainment do?
The brand includes Audio Recording, Post Production, Music Publishing, Film Production and Distribution Services.

How to Join Massive Rockerz Entertainment Group?
To join, through the Forms to Submit via [email protected] or Visit our Terms and Conditions.

What about Massive Rockerz Entertainment Studios?
Massive Rockerz Entertainment Studios is the place of Recording Sounds which are mainly in Vocals Recording, Dubbing Advertisements, Mixing & Mastering The Sounds to the Customers.

Who managing Massive Rockerz Entertainment?
P. Agilandeeswaran.