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Last Updated: 07/17/2023

Terms & Conditions

Usage of Logo 

Massive Rockerz Entertainment Trademark logo is verified and available for use in print and on screen. Authorize from the Manager/Secretary and Use the logo in any way that implies a partnership, sponsorship or endorsement. Modify, Distort, alter or remove any elements of logo asserts without limitation the design are strictly not accepted.

Download Branding Assets:

Massive Rockerz Entertainment Original

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Massive Rockerz Entertainment Music Publishing ('re thm Acoustics)

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Massive Rockerz Entertainment Records

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Follow by the Usage of Logo. This logos officiated to Massive Rockerz Entertainment.

Terms of Filming, Production and Distribution Services

Massive Rockerz Entertainment Pictuers is mainly for Entertainment Purposes which are Imaginary. The Disclaimer information and Types followed by the Suda Suda Samosa Comedy Shows.

Massive Rockerz Entertainment includes a Suda Suda Samosa Comedy Shows by Episode wise. The Film Content includes Educational, Commercial and Explicity (Mature Content). No Animals & Birds are not Injured and which are Imagination to the Environment is to be called as Entertainment Purposes.

Massive Rockerz Entertainment Production House for Filmmakers, to distribute and publish only on Massive Rockerz Entertainment. If you get as a Publisher or Distributing the Content contact Massive Rockerz Entertainment Officials for Purchase your Video Release. According to Terms of Music Services, Massive Rockerz Entertainment Music Publishing has rights in the Audio Copyrights including the Background Scores, Music Videos. The Credits of the the Brand Logo should mention on the Video Content and in the Description, When it yours.

Terms of Music and Record Label Services

Massive Rockerz Entertainment includes Licensing for Music Content Label as ‘re thm Acoustics Musical® (Waves by Orchestral Movements) discovered by M. S. Anosh. This can be composed of Large instruments typically Classic Music. The Term ‘re thm refers Rhythm of Harmony Progression. Generally, It’s a type of Fully Orchestral and Acoustics. EDM (Electronic Dance Music) are marked in the Acoustics Music.

Massive Rockerz Entertainment Music Publishing (MREM PUBLISHING) is a Music Channel for Independent Artists and Other Musical Distribution and has the Music Rights from the Distributor Company on your Release. And, Composition Copyrights protects your Release under marked on Global Distribution. The Release(s) should control and maintained by the Team Officials. Revenue for your Release Accordingly to the Music Streamers is given at Once-in-a-lifetime. This Logo is affiliated to the Massive Rockerz Entertainment Logo Trademark and Usage. 

Massive Rockerz Entertainment Music Publishing (MREM PUBLISHING) is subsidiary to Massive Rockerz Entertainment Records (Record Label). This Logo is affiliated to the Massive Rockerz Entertainment Logo Trademark and Usage. The Credits of the Record Label should mention on your Releases or in the Description.  

Massive Rockerz Entertainment Music is the behalf of the ‘re thm Acoustics Musical® And, Massive Rockerz Entertainment Records denotes the Epic Recordings. The Credits of the Records should mention on your Releases or in the Description. Massive Rockerz Entertainment Records denotes the Epic Recordings retain about Master Ownership Rights on your Recordings. The Records Logo is affiliated to the Massive Rockerz Entertainment and expose on your Music Video Releases or in the Description.

Customer Services

Massive Rockerz Entertainment Studios gives a Service Code for which Type of Work you'll needed to Send on WhatsApp. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Massive Rockerz Entertainment Studios may differ the Working Hours and Some delay in Response, Appointment Required! You can Book in Online through Appointy or Google Reserve.

Payment Services

The Currency must be in Indian Rupee (INR) for Payments. The real value of the Currencies (INR) are maintained by Services of the Massive Rockerz Entertainment. According to the Policy, Credit is not allowed. Advance Payments can be followed. Electronic Payments such as Card Services, Net banking can't be accessed for Transaction in our Studios. Payment through Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transactions are allowed.

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